All open able Windows, Doors, and Sliding Doors have arrangement of Lock and Key as per customization. We use Double Glazed unite (DGU) glass. laminated glass toughened glass for more strength and safety. Also galvanized steel reinforced for extreme strength, rigidity and helps against forced entry.

Windows can’t be opened from outside.

Best Ultra In Ex hardware come as a standard at Fortune Window helping us keep unwanted intruders out.

Sliding Series

  • 160-Sliding Series is designed for premium Siding Windows cord Doors. 160-Sliding Series are available from 2 track lo 10 frock as per customer requirement.
  • Aluminum rails attached at the bottom frame to ensure smooth operations and durability.
  • Brush seals are used along the entire length of the window Profile to, Protection against Termites.
  • Steel reinforcement along the frame and window sash ensures high structural stability and allows for long span construction.

Welding the corners at 45 degrees not only provides best esthetic-, but also provides high resistance to vertical and horizon, force; Availability of pipe profiles and 135 8.90 degree corner profile rice for additional architectural styles and designs

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